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At END/a we start by listening to your project goals and aspirations because at the core of every project is you.  Each project requires a specific awareness, and balance of the project triad (Scope, Schedule, Budget), to achieve harmony and project success.  

We begin every endeavor with information gathering and consideration of the essence of the project, client goals, architectural styles, the natural environment, and surrounding architecture.  From the early concept studies to refined layouts, the visuals and process are shared with our clients at each step along the way.  We use sketches, detailed drawings, three-dimensional computer generated models, renderings, and other medium to help communicate and build consensus surrounding the design.

Project Scope


It is important to identify the scope of the project early in the process and to balance these many priorities with the budget.  The scope is what creates the framework for how the occupants will interact with the building and further impacts its long term operational and functional performance.

Project Schedule


It is not uncommon for projects to take 6 months to over 2 years depending on the scope and scale of your project.  We look forward to identifying and right sizing the schedule to efficiently help guide your project from early design through construction and move-in. 

Project Budget


As past owner representatives, we understand the importance of budgets and working within a budget.  Early in the process we work with you to align the scope and visions with the budget.  There are many variables that will impact the budget, and it is our goal to always stay in balance.


Basic Services is one of the most common services Owner’s may require.


We develop preliminary site and floor plans based on types and sizes of spaces and adjacencies.  The detail provided at this stage is limited to capturing the essence and general scope of the project.  


During this phase, additional detail is added such as doors, windows, and material finishes are selected.  Engineering team members are more engaged and begin system selections and design.


Construction drawings and specifications needed to bid and construct the project are completed during this stage with engagement from the architectural, engineering, and owner stakeholders.


We can assist in the solicitation and bidding for your project, selecting and/or negotiating with a selected contractor, and generating agreements to complete the construction of your project.


We remain focused during the construction phase by collaborating with the construction team to ensure the quality of the project aligns with the design intent of the drawings and specifications.


We understand the owners perspective and the process from inception to operations.  Our services can be tailored to fit your individual situation and ease the burden of executing your project.

+Owners Representative

+Site Evaluation & Planning

+Programming & Predesign

+Interior Design


+Facility Assessment

+Furniture & Equipment Planning

+Procurement Management

+Project Schedule Management 

+Project Budgeting and Estimating

+Value Analysis

+Facility Support Services

+Fast Track Design Services

+Feasibility Studies

+BOMA Analysis

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