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Endeavor North Design PLLC is focused on providing elevated design and client focused architectural services in order to deliver successful projects.  

While our firm may be new, our roots run deep in the architectural community. Our team brings together seasoned professionals with an extensive portfolio of significant work from past companies.

As we continue to grow, our portfolio grows with us - each new project a testament to our passion for transformative design and unwavering dedication to exceeding expectations. Join us on this exciting journey as we carve our path in the architectural realm, leaving an indelible mark with every project.

Proximal 50 Expansion



Our experience working for other firms, on a diverse set of projects over the past 15 years and the perspectives gained from being an owner, provides us with the sensibilities needed to bring balance and beauty to your project.  


Our healthcare experience gained while working closely with various health systems such as Sanford Health, as owner’s representatives and/or architects with previous firms, is marked by a deep commitment to creating spaces that prioritize both functionality and a patient-centered approach. With a keen understanding of the unique challenges within the healthcare sector, we seamlessly blend aesthetic appeal with practical considerations that optimize space and performance. Our team collaborates closely with healthcare professionals, facility team members, and other stakeholders to ensure that the design not only meets regulatory standards but also enhances the overall well-being of patients and staff.


Our civic design experience is characterized by a commitment to creating spaces that resonate with the identity and aspirations of communities.  Our designs reflect a deep understanding of the social fabric and civic pride unique to each locale.  Collaborating closely with civic leaders, planners, and the public, our team brings a holistic approach to design that addresses the multifaceted needs of a community.


Corporate design brings unique challenges and often has numerous stakeholders. Our experience while working alongside various large corporations is a testament to our expertise in crafting dynamic and inspiring work environments. Through a thoughtful integration of aesthetics and functionality, we create spaces that foster collaboration, productivity, and employee well-being. Whether it's open-plan offices that encourage communication or private workspaces that promote focus, our designs are tailored to the unique identity and goals of each client.

Sport and Recreation

Living an active life brings meaning to each of us differently. Our sport and recreation design experience with clients such as Proximal 50 Life Center & Sanford Health, as owner’s representatives and architects, embodies a passion for creating vibrant, engaging spaces that cater to the diverse needs of athletes, enthusiasts, and communities. We leverage a deep understanding of sports dynamics and user requirements to design facilities that seamlessly integrate form and function. Whether it's designing fitness centers or outdoor recreational areas, our expertise lies in delivering environments that inspire, energize, and elevate the community.


Our educational design experience is marked by a commitment to creating dynamic, innovative learning environments that inspire both students and educators. We recognize that educational spaces play a crucial role in shaping the future, and the designs reflect a deep understanding of academic needs and evolving teaching methodologies. Our experience collaborating with educators reaffirmed the concept that well-designed educational spaces not only support academic achievement but also contribute to the holistic development of students, creating environments that encourage curiosity and lifelong learning.


Retail design is characterized by a dedication to crafting immersive, customer-centric spaces that elevate the experience. We understand that a retail environment is an extension of a brand's identity, and our designs reflect a strategic blend of aesthetics, functionality, and brand storytelling. Our team collaborates closely with clients to create visually captivating and well-organized layouts that encourage exploration and engagement. We integrate cutting-edge design concepts with a focus on customer flow, product visibility, and interactive elements to create dynamic retail spaces that resonate with today's discerning consumers.


Our team collaborates closely with clients to translate their visions into living spaces that are not only architecturally pleasing but also practical, budget conscious, and efficient. Our experience working alongside developers provides focus in designing spaces that respond directly to the person and place. From innovative floor plans that optimize space to thoughtful interior design that enhances the quality of life, our designs embody a harmonious balance between form and function, creating spaces that stand as enduring symbols of warmth, individuality, and livability.


At the heart of every successful design project lies the value of the relationships we build. Through collaboration, creativity, and dedication, we create something extraordinary together. We deeply appreciate the trust and connection we form with our clients and partners during this journey. Should you ever wish to learn more about our commitment and capabilities, feel free to reach out to one of our references.

Brent Ekstrom

Executive Director - Lewis & Clark Development Group

Jena Gullo

Executive Director - Missouri Slope Areawide United Way

Josh Kramer

Executive Vice President & General Manager - North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives

Brenna Ohman

Finance Director - North Dakota Association of Rural Electric Cooperatives

Don Roethler

Chief Buildings and Grounds Officer - Bismarck State College

Tana Trotter

Chief Executive Officer - Proximal 50 Life Center

Michael Voigt

General Manager - Central Dakota Hospital Laundry

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